One to One Supervision for Mindfulness Teachers (Mental Health disclosures)

Mindfulness has been shown to have many benefits within the area of mental health. Therefore, mindfulness teachers are likely to have participants on their courses with a range of mental health conditions that range from mild to acute. Within mindfulness teacher training this area will be touched upon, however there is very little support or processes that allow mindfulness teachers to assess and act on these disclosures. There will be many mindfulness teachers who have received training on risk assessments and supporting individuals with mental health conditions who are already aware and have a procedure in place, but may want additional support for their own triggers during disclosures.


The service has been designed for those who would like to receive one to one support with mental health disclosures from students and review how they could integrate procedures into their own practice. Alongside this service there will be an opportunity to discuss triggers for you as a teacher when you are faced with  disclosures.


If you would like to discuss further what this service can offer your practice please email

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